San Diego’s Vehicle Owners on Edge as Wheel Thieves Strike

San Diego's Vehicle Owners on Edge as Wheel Thieves Strike

In recent weeks, a troubling trend has emerged in San Diego County, as numerous drivers awaken to find their vehicles stripped of a particular brand of wheels. The aftermath leaves victims facing significant financial losses and grappling with the fear of becoming repeat targets. Marine Sergeant Hayden Fiori, among the afflicted, is now confronted with

Thieves Strike Mira Mesa Homes, Leaving Residents Feeling Vulnerable

In a disturbing turn of events, two homes in Mira Mesa fell victim to a string of burglaries on Sunday night, leaving residents shaken and anxious about their safety. Among the stolen items were cherished heirloom jewelry, valuable watches, and even firearms, including an assault-style rifle. Speaking exclusively to NBC 7, the victims of these

Massive Cocaine Haul Seized at Otay Mesa Border Crossing

In a significant drug bust, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials announced the discovery of cocaine worth an estimated $3 million concealed within a shipment of limes at the Otay Mesa border crossing. The operation, which unfolded at the Otay Mesa Commercial Facility, underscored the relentless efforts of CBP officers in combating illicit drug

Tragic Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Parade

In a devastating turn of events, one person tragically lost their life, and 21 others were wounded during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade in Missouri. The incident unfolded as the parade concluded near Union Station, where thousands of enthusiastic fans had gathered to celebrate the team’s success. Immediate Response and Arrests First