Barrio Logan Community Alert: Inmate Escapes from Transitional Housing Facility

Escaped Inmate from Barrio Logan

In a startling turn of events, a 53-year-old inmate, identified as Quintin G. Wilkerson, made a daring escape from a Barrio Logan halfway house where he was completing the final stages of his prison sentence. The incident, which occurred around 12:45 p.m. on Friday, has prompted an immediate response from law enforcement agencies and a

The Launch of ‘Hearts Over Hate Foundation’ after Dentist’s Tragic Death

Family of dentist shot and killed

In a tragic incident that has gripped the community of El Cajon, the life of Dr. Benjamin Harouni, a 28-year-old dentist, was cut short last month when an alleged gunman, identified as Mohammed Abdulkareem, entered Smile Plus Dentistry on North Magnolia Avenue and fatally shot him. The attack, which also left two others injured, has

Escondido Parking Lot Fight Results in Hospitalizations and At-Large Suspects

Escondido Parking Lot Fight

In a distressing turn of events on Saturday night, a confrontation between two groups in Escondido escalated into violence, resulting in three individuals being rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The incident unfolded in the parking lot of a shopping centre located at the intersection of North Escondido Boulevard and West Valley Parkway, casting

Tragic End for Encinitas Bicyclist on Highway 101

Tragic End for Encinitas Bicyclist on Highway 101

In a sombre event that has shaken the Encinitas community, a 48-year-old man lost his life while riding his bicycle along the South Coast Highway 101 early Sunday morning, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Authorities were alerted to the tragedy shortly after midnight when they received a distressing call about a bicyclist

San Diego Police Nab Suspect in Fatal East Village Shooting

San Diego Police Nab Suspect

In a significant development following a tragic incident last month in San Diego’s East Village, law enforcement authorities have successfully apprehended a 44-year-old man, Tashaughn Jackson, linked to the fatal shooting of Ali Jabbar, aged 43. The San Diego Police Department, led by Lt. Jud Campbell, detailed the events that culminated in this arrest, shedding