About Us

It is not easy to build a house. We made the decision to build ours, the new home of the Today90, in times of divisions and storms, driven by the restlessness and the desire to contribute a stroke of ink to a better country and a better understanding.

This simple and complex idea has given us the strength to shape every day this media project that has united us and given us an identity: the Today90 of the 21st century is a reflection of society, which we consider our family.

We arrived with the spirit to build and to do it as in a page without letters, where nothing was black and white and where there was a genuine effort to present the wide range of colors.

It is not easy to say thank you. However, today we want to thank all those who have helped us with their sleeplessness to sustain the devilish rhythm of publishing a newspaper.

Thanks to the reporters, whose exemplary work has made Today90 an open, clean and reliable house; thanks to our writers, programmers, directors, conductors, moneros, designers, columnists and collaborators for making our pages a plural, punctual, rigorous and amusing torrent.

And thanks mainly to our readers for letting us know every day that it is worthwhile to build with paper and ink the country of laws, liberties and rights that we all desire.