Yanet García poses on her back topless and with a micro-thong that has left nothing to the imagination

Yanet Garcia set fire to social networks with an image in which it appears posing with his back to the camera in the tiny garment that has left nothing to the imagination.

The Mexican model continues to gain fame for her daring exposures on the Internet, where she has captivated with tiny clothes that expose her curvaceous silhouette to the maximum, making her one of the most followed and of course admired celebrities.

But it was through her official Instagram profile, where the native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, captured all the spotlight thanks to her most recent publication, in which posed with her back to the camera topless and wearing only a string micro thong that exposed its shapely anatomy.

Along with the postcard, the actress also shared an extensive message in which she spoke of the importance of doing what is necessary to succeed and become an excellent person in every way as well as successful, even despite the criticism that may be received.

“You must realize that you can’t keep everyone happy, you can’t win everyone’s approval; even if you did what they want, you still might not have their approval,” he wrote.

The black and white postcard that generated nearly half a million “likes” also became one of the most commented publications, where his loyal fans expressed their support for the message he shared, in addition to sending him heated compliments.

And although this might seem like one of his most daring posts, days before Yanet García captivated with a hot postcard with the same characteristics, where she appeared showing her statuesque silhouette from the front and showing the heart-shaped design of her revealing undergarment that provoked another significant number of responses.

On that occasion, the host of the program ‘Hoy’, who earned public recognition as the sensual “Climate Girl”, also posed topless, but chose to cover her voluptuous charms with the palms of her hands.

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