Workers maintain indefinite general strike in Colón, Panama | News


The leaders of the United Coalition for Columbus (CUCO), Edgardo Voitier and Felipe Cabeza, announced this Friday that they will maintain the general strike in that Panamanian province until the national government does not give concrete answers on a group of popular demands, among them the price of fuel, the high cost of living and unemployment.


They support a general strike of workers in Colón, Panama

In statements to local media, Voitier stressed that they are not satisfied with the answers provided regarding these fundamental problems by the Panamanian president, Laurentino Cortizo.

The president traveled this Thursday to that administrative region in the east of the country to meet with the workers and discuss the demands that were reflected in a list of demands presented some time ago.

The organizations calling for the strike, including the Colonense Action Front (FAC), consider that Cortizo’s offers were evasive regarding the main questions.

Voitier urged the Panamanian people to form a united national front in all the provinces in the face of the high cost of living and fuel, and said that they will continue to be unemployed with the support of educators, carriers and workers from other sectors.

A union leader from the transport sector, Orlando García, considered that during the meeting this Thursday Cortizo made fun of the colonenses, for which he advanced mobilizations this Friday in the Cuatro Altos region.

In addition to the aforementioned demands, the organizations that lead the mobilization, which reached its fifth day this Friday, demand investments in education, health, housing and other sectors, as well as the construction of the new Manuel Amador Guerrero hospital, sections of highways, etc. .

According to press media, Colón contributes high income to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the isthmian country thanks to the operations of the Panama Canal, having in its territory the second largest free trade zone in the world and the largest mine open pit copper in Central America.

Despite this, union and political organizations have reiterated in recent days that it presents rates of inequality, poverty, unemployment, violence and lack of institutional attention that can be described as unbearable.

During the meeting this Thursday, President Cortizo proposed creating an employment plan for Colón, that the Minera Panamá contract contemplate the existence of an office to hire labor from the province, and that within 15 days the order to start hospital construction.

Local media report that the president promised to extend a program of 1,700 jobs through the Social Assistance Directorate, and together with local businessmen and merchants, to implement a job program.

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