Woman causes a sensation after celebrating her funeral-themed birthday

Within the comments there were all kinds of reactions.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

There are many users who do whatever it takes to gain popularity and fame on social networks, including a tiktoker who came up with the idea that the best way to celebrate his birthday would be with a funeral theme.

Alejandra Padilla’s account was in charge of making known the story of her friend who celebrated her special day using the color black as the main protagonist in the decoration and also to the dress code of your guests.

And it is that they all appear dressed in black and give the celebrated black balloons with the number 28, who also they were carrying lighted white candles, while a car with a cardboard coffin on the awning is idling.

Within the comments there were all kinds of reactions: “The best theme was raffled off; you have some worthwhile friends”, “he is saying goodbye”, the idea is cool, does it count as a demonstration?”, “what fear”, “how could it not have occurred to me”, “iconic”, “everyone celebrates like he wants, but this does scare me”, among others, the Internet users wrote.

Despite everything, the birthday girl can be seen quite happy celebrating her party with all her friends, making it clear that she did not care about the criticism.

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