With anthem and flag the Russian Anastasiia is crowned in the World Boxing Championship

the russian boxer Demurchian Anastasiia It was done this Saturday with the gold in the 70 kilogram category of the Women’s World Boxing Championship which is disputed in the Indiawhere the russian anthem and waved his flag amidst controversy over the boycott of several countries before the invasion of Ukraine.

Anastasiia defeated the Australian Kaye Scott Frances by unanimous decision 5-0 in New Delhi, venue of a tournament marked by controversy over the admission of fighters from Russia and Belarus.

india Nitu Ghanghas (-48 kg) was made with the gold medal after defeating 5-0 to Lutsaikhan Altansetseg, from Mongolia. Equally overwhelming, by 5-0, was the victory of the Chinese wu yu (-52 kg) against the Italian Sirine Charaabi.

Italy took home a gold medal, however, in the -57 kg category, by defeating Irma Tesa (5-0) to the kazakh Karina Ibragimova.

Closer was the encounter between the Russian Nataliya Sychugova and the china yang chengyu (-63 kg), who ended up taking the victory after a divided decision by the jury India took a second medal, much celebrated by the public, with the victory of Saweety Boora (-81 kg) on ​​china wang lina

The tournament has been surrounded by controversy by admission of boxers from Russia and Belarusexcluded from international competitions since the war in Ukraine began.

The international federation (IBA)what is suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)granted this Indian event the status of a tournament qualifier for Paris 2024 without counting on the Olympic body, which had taken over the selection system for the next Olympic Games.

Several countries, including USA, Ireland (second classified in the previous edition), Britain and Ukraine, boycotted the World Cups due to the presence of Russians and Belarusians. These boxers could no longer participate in the 2022 World Cups, as the measures taken after the invasion of Ukraine were in force.

The I WAS GOING this suspended since 2019 for his irregularities. Already in the tokyo games the IOC was in charge of the qualification process, as it will do with Paris 2024, although the federation released its own roadmap last month, with these New Delhi World Cups as the first qualifying tournament.

Boxing has not yet been included in the program of the Los Angeles 2028 Gameswaiting for the IBA to comply with the conditions of transparency and good governance requested by the IOC.

(With information from EFE)