With a sledgehammer thieves smash into display cabinets to steal

With a sledgehammer, thieves smash into display cabinets to steal items from a jewelry store at the Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale

The stolen pieces belonged to a jewelry store installed in a mall kiosk.

Photo: NHAC NGUYEN/AFP/Getty Images

with a mallet, a group of thieves crashed showcases to steal pieces of jewelry from a kiosk this Tuesday afternoon in a shopping center in the city of Palmdale.

The violent assault occurred at approximately 1:30 p.m. at a kiosk called Treasure Island at the Antelope Valley Mall, at 1233 Rancho Vista Boulevard.

Witnesses to the robbery declared that three to four individuals approached the kiosk and With a large mallet they began to break the windows of the exhibitors to steal pieces of jewelry in a smash and grab robbery..

An approximate amount for the stolen jewelry was not disclosed.

In the mall there was a moment of chaos because, At the time the loud blows were heard, some shoppers who were in the Antelope Valley Mall thought they were getting shotso they began to scream and try to get away from the place.

“It could be worst. There were no shots or anything like that, but it was still quite cheeky,” said one of the visitors to the mall.

“All the people ran towards JCPenney’s and were yelling that someone was shooting, but it wasn’t shots,” the witness added.

This assault occurred when retailers across the country report a sharp increase in robberies, many of them committed by organized gangss.

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