Winter storm, the coldest of the season, will hit Southern California from this Tuesday

The city of Los Angeles will have light rain and intense winds this Tuesday.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/Getty Images

The coldest winter storm of the season will hit Southern California on Tuesday and it will arrive with light rains, intense wind and snowfall in the mountains of the region.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued winter weather advisories that will remain in effect through Wednesday.with the potential for snow, ice and wind to cause hazardous driving conditions on Interstate 5 through the Grapevine.

Forecasts for Los Angeles and Orange counties indicate that cool temperatures will prevail, peaking at 58 degrees, with a 60% chance of light showers in the region.

The rain could increase its intensity during the afternoon and night of this Tuesday and could trigger thunderstorms, with possible hail fall.

The precipitation is due to coldest storm system coming from Alaska.

From 8 am to Tuesday night An intense wind alert remains in effect for the city of Los Angeles and neighboring communities..

In the valleys and Inland Empire cold is expected, with a temperature slightly above 50 degrees and at night it can drop to 43 degrees. Light rain is also forecast.

are forecast strong winds in cities like Lancaster and Palmdaleas well as in the San Bernardino and Riverside mountains.

For mountainous communities, forecasts anticipate a maximum temperature of 32 degrees, with snowfall of up to 6 inches.

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