Why the Build Back Better social program has not been approved, which gives continuity to advance payments of the Child Tax Credit

Senator Joe Manchin said he will not vote for Build Back Better.

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Last December, the budget of $2 billion dollars should have been approved that would give life to the Build Back Better program, which will allocate a large amount of resources to social programs that seek to combat the prevailing social inequality in the United States.

The delay has to do with the refusal of a Democratic vote, from Senator Joe Manchin, to approve the bill, taking into account that the Republicans will not support the issue considering that the allocated budget is extremely high for the public finances of the country.

One of the benefits of the Build Back Better program has to do with the fact that it would guarantee the continuity of advance payments of the Child Tax Credit, which has helped millions of families to move away from poverty rates.

In early January, Joe Manchin was clear in saying that would not support the project if the budget was not considerably reduced destined to the social subject, reason that has blocked the approval of the law.

After what happened, it was said that the Democrats would seek to reach an agreement with Machin to get the vote, for which an internal negotiation was expected to achieve approval at the end of the month, the last day of January is Monday and everything indicates that the democrats will not achieve the goal.

Given this scenario, on Thursday, Democratic Representative James Clyburn announced that he is willing to lower the income limits for families to access the expanded Child Tax Credit if it helps secure Senator Manchin's vote, according to The Washington Post.

James Clyburn said Democrats have room to get Manchin on board with a party-backed expansion of the expanded Child Tax Credit after advance payments weren't delivered this first month of the year because the law hasn't passed. .

Meanwhile, the progressive wing of the Democrats is pressuring the White House and other Democratic legislators to make the necessary efforts so that the social spending program be passed as soon as possible for the sole purpose of helping millions of Americans.

Even the progressive congresswoman Pramila Jayapal in a statement indicated that the law must be approved at the beginning of March at the latest.

Before said request, the leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, yesterday, said that she does not "subscribe to any particular date" for the approval of the Democrats' social spending bill, avoiding the date of March 1 driven by progressives.

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