Why didn't CR7 play a minute in the Manchester Derby? | Video

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He respected his hierarchy...

As in the last five Premier League games, Erik ten Hag decided not to start Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester derby. The idea of ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹the Dutch coach, surely, was to give him filming at some point in the duel against the Manchester City (6-3) at Etihad Stadium; however, as the game got out of control for the Red Devils, in the end he chose not to put the Portuguese.

Thinking of no disrespect to the Portuguese, he preferred not to send him to the field. And it is that he would have done it when they were already losing by a landslide against the Skyblues in the Manchester Derby.

His final decision was to shoot Anthony Martial, who was coming off an injury and needed minutes; the French attacker signed a brace and made the defeat of Manchester United more decorous.

I would not have put it out of respect for Cristiano, for his great career. The other thing, which could be taken advantage of, is that he could put in Anthony Martial, who needs the minutes, but I don't want to point it out that way.

CR7 did not start because the team with Rashford, Antony (Elanga) and Jadon Sancho, He had been getting good results. And even though he was option to enter change, Erik ten Hag preferred to leave him on the bench before putting him in the context of a landslide and, thus, prevent today El Bicho was criticized.

Cristiano Ronaldo has only started in 1 of 7 games in the current Premier League with the Man Utd. Between the lack of preseason and the technical decisions of Have a Hag, He has practically not competed.

The Lusitanian star only registers 1 goal this season with Manchester United. And besides, he's living the Fewest goalscoring calendar year (13) of his career since 2003.

Manchester City the Derby was scored thanks to the goals Phil Foden, author of a hat-trick at minute 8, 44 and 72; as well as another triplet of Earling Haland at 34', 37' and 64'. The Norwegian striker reached 13 goals in 8 Premier League games.

(With information from undefeated)

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