Which signs of the zodiac are the most tattooed, according to a study

The impulse to tattoo the name of the couple, a special date or an amazing figure after a night out could be associated with our date of birth.

An interesting study carried out with data from Pinterest, a social network that allows users to collect images according to their interests, revealed that there are signs of the zodiac that do not have a hard time submitting to the pain of the needles to engrave their skin, while others are not so brave and prefer not to do so.

The research concluded that the signs whose astrological characteristics include impulsiveness and audacity are the most tattooed, while the most structured and disciplined are the least likely to adorn their bodies with ink.

According to the study carried out by experts from the Top10casinos.com site, Pinterest is the favorite social network for tattoo enthusiasts to find inspiration. They used as keywords the name of each zodiac sign plus the tag “tattoo” to find pins associated with each sign.

In total, around 228,000 pins of the 12 members of the zodiac were analyzed and classified in descending order.

Zodiac signs that get tattooed the most

The data showed that Aries is the sign that is most often tattooed with a total of 36,157 pins, which is not a surprise when analyzing its astrological characteristics. In addition to being a passionate fire sign, he is the most impulsive and daring of the zodiac.

Second place with 23,856 pins goes to Pisces, known to be attached to the arts and romance. Many astrologers consider him to be the most creative and empathetic of the zodiac, so he is given to drawing on his skin what he feels from his heart.

Third site goes to the curious Gemini with a total of 20,380 pins.. His dual personality makes him restless and thrown into fun, so he’s likely to get tattooed on a night out.

With regard to the signs of the zodiac that are least tattooed, it is located Virgo in 12th place with only 12,757 pins, and Capricorn in 11th place with 13,763 pins. The first is the most neat, organized and analytical sign, so it is only tattooed when something has a special meaning, and the second is the most disciplined and structured of the zodiac, so it does not obey its impulses.

Next, we leave you the complete list of the most impulsive signs to get tattooed.

1. Aries: 36,157
2. Pisces: 23,856
3. Gemini: 20,380
4. Leo: 20,218
5. Cancer: 20,204
6. Aquarius: 17,793
7. Libra: 17,208
8. Taurus: 16,503
9. Scorpio: 14,983
10. Sagittarius: 14,272
11. Capricorn: 13,763
12. Virgo: 12,757

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