Where to watch Los Angeles FC vs Nashville Live, MLS live

LAFC is assured of leadership in its division.

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The regular season in MLS is over! The last competition date will have very exciting matches, but Los Angeles FC vs. Nashville stands out among all of them, as it faces two teams that will fight for the title. You can watch it on fuboTV.

How to watch Los Angeles FC vs Nashville

Date: October 9
Time: 4:00 p.m.
TV: Star TV
Live from any device: fuboTV

The Los Angeles team seeks to finish the season showing that it is the best team in the Western Conference in MLS. Catch every match action on your mobile devices with fuboTV.

No one will take the leadership away from LAFC

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles FC team is the most powerful in the Western Conference. The club in which the Mexican Carlos Vela plays, secured the leadership of its sector in advance and is now preparing for the playoffs.

The Californian team has looked intractable throughout the season, with an offense capable of hurting any team, and a defense that looks increasingly solid.

Those led by Steve Cherundolo have a wide and versatile squad, capable of adapting to different formations. But that's not all, they also look intractable at home, where they have only lost one game this season.

Nashville looking for a ticket

Nashville SC remains one of the biggest entertainers in MLS this season. The team led by Gary Smith has managed to display colorful and forceful football for much of the campaign.

Now, they must endorse it against the best team in American soccer, in search of a ticket to the playoffs. The Boys in Gold have among their ranks the German Hany Mukhtar, who is fighting for the MLS scoring title, and whose performance will be key to the team's aspirations.

In addition, it is one of the best visitors in the Western Conference, with 23 points harvested away from home, where they have a record of six wins, five draws and five setbacks. Their last result in the category was a draw against Austin FC.

The relevant data

The only precedent between these two teams was a favorable 2-1 for the Angelenos, in a match played last July.

The last date of the MLS has a high-impact match reserved. Do not miss the last LAFC performance before the start of the playoffs. If you still don't know where to watch Los Angeles FC vs Nashville, you can watch 90 minutes of this match on fuboTV screens.

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