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Alzheimer’s is a sad disease, because the memories that make you up are disappearing as if they had never existed. Living with this disease requires care in many ways, and helping to prevent it requires tools.


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Specialists confirm that carrying out activities in accordance with the characteristics of the people who suffer from said illness can be positive for organizing the daily life of caregivers and those who are cared for.

Thinking of activities that can be fun contributes to the success of the task, and some tips should be observed, including if the person gets frustrated, and feels involved in the exercise.

Not pressing the times of the activity is another resource. Some of the actions to be carried out:

Dancing, listening to music or dance therapy

Moving the body to the rhythm or not of the music can have a therapeutic effect on people who suffer from other illnesses such as stress, depression or have difficulty interacting with others, including Alzheimer’s.

Experts confirm that it also helps fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Some platforms specializing in illness and coping tools also propose using recorded music, talking about the song and who sings it, asking questions related to the context in which the song was recorded and that of the sick person.

Talk about music and events from the past, sing or dance to well-known and remembered songs, and musical games such as trying to guess a song just by hearing some of its notes.

Pets, plants, imagination

Pets that are part of families in many homes can help people with the disease feel better and stimulate them, as well as carry out direct activities with pets such as taking them for a walk (taking into account the limits that the person has), feeding them , serve them.

The relationship with plants can be a stimulant, play a board game, read stories and visit relatives or close people. In the same way, tours can be promoted in open and natural spaces where picnics or walks can be developed.

Create a material (book, sheets, or any other where you can write) where exercises are placed that people with Alzheimer’s can do: tracing, forming words, coloring, creating geometric figures, answering questions, among others.)

For the prevention of Alzheimer’s, they recommend maintaining a healthy life, which includes a good diet, sleeping between seven and nine hours a day, exercising regularly and having frequent social contact.

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