Weekly Chinese Horoscope this is what the stars have in

Weekly Chinese Horoscope: this is what the stars have in store for you from November 21 to 27, 2022

The Chinese horoscope is made up of 12 animal signs and to find out which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

Know what your destiny holds this week with the Chinese horoscope and listen to the advice of the stars. These are the predictions of the Chinese horoscope for the week of November 21 to 27, 2022.

The eastern zodiac is made up of 12 years, each one governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the year of the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

Remember, if you were born in January, your animal will be one year before your birth.

Rat (2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, 1924)

Union make force. It is a week to understand that through support, teamwork and sharing there is growth, be it work, family, or school. You can no longer continue in your egoism, there is time to grow alone, but there are also times when without help you cannot advance as fast as you want or you cannot complete the project, the goal, so receive the cooperation or help of others. others with great thanks. The knowledge of someone else will give you the necessary push to achieve your professional plans. This week is suitable to progress in finances, the economy will improve remarkably and you will be able to resolve many of your pending issues. Be careful of the words you use with your partner, you are not very friendly, coldness takes over you and you can make the man or woman you love feel bad. In health you may have some return of discomfort in the circulation, so get down to work and make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

Ox (2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937, 1925)

This is not the time to turn around, quite the contrary, you have already made a decision and you must follow the path you chose, you have come a long way and the path has not been easy to abandon now, there is less to go until the goal and that must be a great motivation despite physical and mental fatigue. It is a week that will introduce you to new people, one of those that are worth a hundred, it may be that they support you professionally or that they give you a message of optimism that you never expected to find. The reunion with the divine connection is very present this day, do not let this feeling pass you by and reconnect that much good will do you to return to that connection. In love, it is time to be grateful, grateful, who has supported you for so long without even questioning your abilities, make a space between all your activities and dedicate a great day, which will also serve you to relax and regain strength for all the work that still awaits you. In money, everything moves, perhaps not at the speed you want, but the movement is constant and the liquidity is almost immediate. Physical health is very important, do not neglect it, it is time to return to good eating and exercise habits.

Tiger (2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926)

Beware of those pseudo-friends who only take you down the path of excesses, down the path of recklessness, you know well that you are falling into new tricks that are leaving you nothing, you know deep down that you cannot continue endangering your physical, mental or emotional stability, it is time to put a stop and whoever has to stay will stay, whoever has to leave will leave, despite your decision not to follow that path of low vibration. The good always persists and will make its way in the midst of darkness. It is a week to be able to recover financially, to manage yourself again as in past months where money worked perfectly and you even have enough to save, so you don’t need to think about it so much, you already know the path, it’s time to work on that recovery . At work, one more carelessness and you can be left with nothing, so take care of yourself instead of worrying, you are so capable, it’s just that your excesses have not allowed you to make use of all your work capacities. In love, the only one, the only one, who can do something for the recovery of the couple is you, because only you neglected that love to such a degree that it is difficult to achieve a true reconciliation, you will have to make a lot of effort to make it so.

Rabbit (2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927)

The time has come to conclude work projects that had suffered delays, that had had obstacles, but the energy of this week helps you to recover almost immediately everything that was stopped in days or weeks past. If you are thinking of creating companies to grow faster, do not think about it too much, it is the correct decision, just make sure that whoever you choose for such a thing is the right person, both in honesty and ethics, as well as in professionalism, as well as in economic solvency. This week gives you one more opportunity to believe in love, a beautiful possibility of having a partner again opens up, don’t be afraid, if you don’t take risks, how will you know if you can finally achieve that stability in a relationship that you want so much? In health it is time for a medical check-up, do not let more time go by, it is always important to be certain, only then can you continue without worries in your head that only take away your energy for your day to day.

Dragon (2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928)

Time for reconnections, from the spiritual, the work, the friendly, the family. Ideal week to launch new projects, those that are already so personal that they will fill your heart with great satisfaction, but not just your heart, you have planned so well and for so long that there will be financial rewards and recognition of your great professional skills . Keep surrounding yourself with capable people, you are a great generator of teams that work in great harmony. It is a day to implement plans for moving or buying houses, do not wait any longer, if you postponed the search, take it back, but if you are searching these days, you will find the place of your dreams. Take care of the health of your eyes, a lot of wear and tear in recent weeks, so they require a good review.

Snake (2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929)

It is acceptance time. You can no longer continue in constant denial, that only hurts you, stops your growth and ruins your energy. This week you will have to take care of healing those uncontrolled emotions, those feelings of anguish or hate that do not let you advance in any field. This week you have the opportunity to close painful cycles, with a partner, with a friend who betrayed you, with a job that frustrated you, if you start now the healing will be optimal, talk, ask for help, so everything will recover its balance faster. Be careful with your money this day, do not invest it in anything, do not spend it on anything, it has cost you a lot to save it so that it goes away in less than a rooster crows. Also do not make loans to anyone, you may not see it back. Your physical health is ideal, but you have to work on your emotional and mental health.

Horse (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930)

It is a week to make investments, you will finally find the right place to grow your money and with it the family economy, it is a week to implement growth plans for both home and business, everything you put into motion these days you will find a positive path without obstacles. This day is propitious to take another step in your relationship, it is time to make plans for growth, such as a new house, a wedding, a child. The stability that you achieve this week will be to celebrate, finally days without worries, days with a clear path, days where you shine wherever you step. Your physical health is perfect this day, any concern is left behind and if you are waiting for the result of a study or analysis, it will only be good news.

Goat (2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931)

Do not limit yourself, each situation that suffers delays this week is not happening due to something external, it will be because you yourself are energetically boycotting the next step, so these days work hard mentally, on the fears that are paralyzing you, on insecurities, don’t care about anyone’s judgment, if something is wrong or you have to correct it, just do it, nobody is perfect, failures will leave you great lessons this week. Take care of your kidneys, drinking more water can cleanse you physically and energetically.

Monkey (2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932)

It is time to let go of the past, to understand that if you let go, nothing happens, that if you let go, you remove heavy and painful ballasts, to understand that if you let go, you will be able to walk lightly, lightly, and without worries. It is time to understand that you will not sink for not continuing to support the unsustainable, such as stormy relationships, two-faced friends, treacherous family, jobs that do not fill you up. The time has come to renew yourself, to feel that life is worth it despite the ill-intentioned people, the painful situations. This week you may receive a call for a new job opportunity, take it, you worked so hard to get that opportunity that you cannot afford to pass it up. In physical health you can suffer from some ringing in the ears, but the improvement is in you, paying attention to everything that surrounds you, listening, even though sometimes you don’t want to do it out of evasion.

Rooster (2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945, 1933)

They trust your family, your work, your friends, so try to continue with that trust, that nothing throws you off balance this week, you can be vulnerable to words and take them badly or misunderstand them and answer and get involved in trouble that you are only putting together in your head. This week try to go calmly, not to rush anything, not to push yourself. These are very good days to pay attention to your nerves, so that anxiety does not take over you. Use your energy and thoughts to do something where you can keep your physical body in motion.

Dog (2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934)

Take care of individualism these days, you need to share, work as a team, integrate and integrate people who are related to work, only then can you walk to success. It is a perfect day to correct legal matters, every obstacle from days gone by is left behind and now you will be able to handle any circumstance from the calm that the universe gives you. It is a good time to schedule a white quartz and help you heal everything charged from days gone by, whether at home or in the office, bring it close to you and let yourself be helped by the energy of the stones. It is time to start asking the universe for help to open your paths and conclude studies.

Pig (2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935)

This week you will be quite a case, do not question your balance, let nothing or nobody take you out of balance, because they could make your darkest side come out and with that hurt someone very close with words, do not allow anyone to know your dark side, you know perfectly well that it is very rude and neither you nor anyone else has the need to see or feel like that. If you are waiting for the opportunity to certify yourself, have a master’s degree, a diploma, etc. this is the right time to start, so sign up, ask for reports etc. and go after that extra preparation that will make you very happy.