War in Ukraine: The odyssey of the children who fled the “alarm monster”: The odyssey of the children who fled the “alarm monster” | Videos

What was a theater is now a temporary shelter for some 50 people who fled with the bombs of the Russian invader. Where before the public sat in their seats to watch the show, now dozens of Ukrainian women and children sleep. But there are no more seats, but quilts, blankets and some head that rests amid the uproar of children’s voices, which resonate throughout the building.

Tanya, who prefers not to reveal her surnames, is one of the people who headed to Poland with her five children to escape the war in her country. During the days of sieges in Myrhorod, where they lived, she managed to try to scare her children as little as possible: “She covered the windows with blankets, so they wouldn’t hear the sirens. My children invented a monster, the alarms”. The 34-year-old tried to take her mother with her, but she refused to leave her land, despite the risk involved. “The older people there are tough,” she explains in the video that accompanies this news.

Up on the stage boards, children play with toy cars and stuffed animals, as if they were putting on a show for their mothers and grandmothers. They have had to travel hundreds of kilometers and wait in huge queues to be able to cross the border with Poland. “Things have improved a lot. At first people pushed each other and some mothers got stuck on the trains with their children on the platform. It was my greatest fear, but when we arrived they were already giving out numbered tickets”, narrates Olga Pavlovska in the video report, with her son Vovka in her arms. Her husband stayed fighting in Krivoy Rog. Olga was accompanied by her mother to the station. She also did not want to leave the Ukraine.