Visiting supporters suspended after violence at stadium in Mexico | News


The Executive President of the Liga MX of Mexico, Mikel Arriola, announced this Sunday the suspension of entry to the stadiums of the visiting teams, after the violent actions that took place on March 5 at the La Corregidora soccer stadium, leaving 26 people wounds.


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“The supporters of visiting teams, as of today, will not be able to go to the stadiums. We are going to take this determination to ratification at the next meeting with the owners of the teams”, said Mikel Arriola when he was accompanied by the directors of the Gallos Blancos Football Club.

Similarly, another of the provisions was the suspension of all activities related to soccer in the house of Querétaro. “The stadium is suspended until the Disciplinary Commission resolves the period in which it will be without activity; They are corrective and sanctioning actions, ”said the representative of Liga MX.

The representatives of the affected teams will hold a meeting next Tuesday where measures will be taken and “what are the relationships that the clubs have with their various animation sectors and how to close these relationship spaces with forceful actions,” said the highest representative. of the Mexican Soccer League.

“In this assembly we will address deepened; “What are the rules for these groups to attend or not to soccer matches,” the high commissioner also remarked. “We will also implement mechanisms for digital monitoring of attendees, as is already the case with the Mexican team, but now, above all, with the bars,” said Mikel Arriola.

Given the comments on the presence of security or not during the events, the president of the Querétaro club, Gabriel Solares, pointed out that there were 358 private security elements, 105 access control elements, 100 state police officers, and 150 municipal police officers.

For his part, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador specified in a morning conference that “we must take into account, in consideration of these unfortunate events, that we must continue moralizing the country and addressing the origins of violence, the causes of violence ”.

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