Video | Ukraine: this is an amphibious operation like the one Russia can use in Odessa | Videos

What is an amphibious operation? What media are used? What are your main risks? What does your success depend on? What does it bring to the attacker if he wins? Military history is full of names that refer to this type of offensive. From Gallipoli to the Falklands, passing through Incheon or the most famous of all, the Normandy Landings against the Nazis in World War II, the famous D-Day that changed the course of the conflict started by Hitler.

Now the attacker is Putin. One month has passed since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops and Odessa continues to be one of their main objectives on the southern front. His conquest and that of Mariupol would give him control of the entire Ukrainian coast. Precisely to the west of Mariupol, the first amphibious operation of this war took place, as confirmed by the Pentagon and the british intelligence services. It coincided with the taking of Berdyansk, the port city the Russians use to resupply their troops in the area. It is there that Ukraine claims to have sunk a Russian amphibious ship.

An offensive to unbalance the front

Juan Ángel López Díaz is a retired Marine Colonel and a member of the Spanish Association of Military Writers. He has spent his career aboard amphibious ships rehearsing operations like the one Russia might launch against Odessa. In this video he explains the characteristics of these offensives, which bring great advantages to the attacker if they are successful, but also involve significant risks.

In this video you will find:

  • The interview with Juan Ángel López Díazretired Marine Colonel and member of the AEME.
  • Demonstration Amphibious Operations Images of the Russian and US fleets.
  • Graphics of the main types of ships involved in amphibious operations