VIDEO Tourist causes outrage for climbing the Chichen Itza pyramid

VIDEO: Tourist causes outrage for climbing the Chichén Itzá pyramid, she is almost lynched

After her show with dance included, the woman was invited to go down by one of the guards of the place

Photo: Marte REBOLLAR / AFP / Getty Images

A tourist caused a lot of indignation and anger among visitors to the archaeological zone of Chichen Itzain Yucatan, Mexico, after he climbed one of the pyramids to which access is not allowed.

The woman, whose nationality has not yet been confirmed, breached the security of the area archeology and went up to the pyramid of Kukulcanthe most important of that Mayan center to perform a dance on top and explore the area.

Since the woman began to rise, the other attendees yelled at him to get off the area where the passage is prohibited; however, she continued on her way to the top, where performed a dance and entered for a few seconds on the upper platform.

The woman who decided to climb the more than 90 stairs even had time to pose for various photographs At the same time, he ignored the other attendees and security, who asked him to lower it immediately.

After her show with dance included, the woman was invited downr by one of the guards of the place, who accompanied her during the descent of the enormous Mayan pyramid known as El Castillo.

almost lynched

The worst for the intrepid woman occurred once she got down from the pyramid, because a man was waiting for her there. group of visitors who began to insult her and even to throw things at him in rejection of his action.

The tourist was escorted by security personnel between insults and hair pulling of the attendees, who even they threw water and bottles at him empty plastic

After being removed from the area by INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) personnel, it was handed over to the Tinum Municipal Police.

In accordance with the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Monuments, it is established that the penalty fee for a person who performs these acts can range from the 50 thousand up to 100 thousand pesos.

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