Video | This is how kyiv demolished the monument of Russian-Ukrainian friendship | International


The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, has caused the rupture of two twinned societies until just over 30 years ago. This video shows the collapse of a sculpture that was in kyiv, the capital of the attacked country, and represented the friendship between the two peoples despite the independence of the Ukrainian country after the fall of the Soviet Union (USSR). The removal of this statue has also been official, that is, it has not been the result of a group of citizens but, with the support of the population, the act has been official and chaired by the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko .

This metaphorical overthrow has reminded us of other conflicts in which citizens have brought down important political or representative figures of an era. This video also collects other iconic moments in history in which, in the midst of wars or riots, sculptures have collapsed as a form of protest and vindication. In this case, the video shows detailed images, also statements by Klitschko, about this act that the population of the Ukrainian capital has witnessed. This metropolis is fundamental in the history between Russia and Ukraine, since in the past it was Kievan Rus, a federation of Slavic tribes in the 9th century, the root and origin of the current Russia that we know today.

Ukraine has been bombed and attacked in the last two months by the Russian army on the orders of its president, Vladimir Putin, who has not only attacked conflictive areas since 2014 such as Donbas, but has also hit areas to the west of the invaded country such as Kyiv and Lviv. On April 6, Russia completed the withdrawal of its troops from kyiv after weeks of constant attacks. This image comes in full conflict between the two countries and with areas of the Donbas region, bordering Russia and with open war.

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