Video: The Scorpion falls, a drug trafficker who had eagles, owls and other exotic animals


The Scorpion, leader of the Tláhuac Cartel, falls.

Photo: CDMX Prosecutor’s Office / Courtesy

Lto Mexican police arrested a drug dealer identified as Agustín Octavio “N”, alias the Scorpion, leader of the Tlahuac Cartel that terrorizes Mexico City, located in the heart of the country, and successor to the “Eyes“, the founder of that criminal organization, dejected in 2017 for the Federal Forces. The Scorpion he had eccentric tastes, as eagles, owls, and other exotic animals were seized from him.

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The Scorpion was captured along with a woman, who is presumed to be his sentimental partner, during an operation in which drugs, firearms, cartridges and a luxury car were seized, according to the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office. This drug trafficker also owned several properties in which packages with drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, were found ready for sale in the most dangerous neighborhoods.

The detained woman responds to the name of Angélica “N” and was the right hand of the Scorpion, in addition to being in charge of the attention and care of her partner’s exotic pets. Both were presented before the Public Ministry to define their legal situation.

According to the local Prosecutor’s Office, El Escorpión headed a network dedicated to drug dealing, especially in the eastern part of the Mexican capital, kidnapping, extortion, vehicle theft, arms trafficking, fraud and counterfeiting of bills.

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