VIDEO: Isabela Merced confesses that Danna Paola has become her inspiration and dreams of meeting her


The world of Hispanic music continues to witness the emergence of new sounds, mixes but above all stars. Such is the case of the American interpreter, Elizabeth Mercedwho for a moment decided to take a break from the movie screens to dedicate time to another of his passions, music.

On this occasion, the 21-year-old spoke exclusively with La Opinion about what this leap in her career has meant, since she does not intend to leave the cinema, but wants to continue trying her luck in music, where one of her main objectives is rescue their Peruvian roots, but He also revealed that another of his dreams is to collaborate with the Mexican artist, Danna Paola.

“Danna Paola is one of the artists who has inspired me the most. She’s amazing, I love her art, I love her songs, we’ve already talked on Instagram about what she does, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet her in person yet, I hope that happens soon, because I know she’s very pretty, and it feels weird to have collaborations now thanks to technology but without knowing the person, but yes, I hope to finally meet and work with them”.


Merced confessed that in her new song, “Agonía”, is full of mixtures that brings together the best of current melodies and sounds, with the ancient Peruviansbecause its objective is to exalt the Inca culture.

“I got tired of singing the same pop songs, so I wanted to do some new things and that’s where Agony came from. This song arose from a Peruvian story by a very famous author who is also Peruvian, that’s where we were inspired when creating this melody that was really put together via zoom.ISABELA MERCED

About if you think that Latinos are fashionable, Merced was specific in revealing that it could be, but not precisely in the case of Peru, For this reason, she has taken on the task of exalting the culture that her mother instilled in her from a very young age.

“Peruvian music is not in fashion, that is why I am interested in incorporating it accompanied by new sounds, that is why I want Peruvian music to be heard more, I have a fascination for Peruvian artists that what I most want is for them to be known every again”.ISABELA MERCED

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