VIDEO: Eugenio Derbez rescues street dogs while recording a project in Mexico

the mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez once again he won the palms of his fans, but this time it was not because of his rising career in Hollywood, but because he rescued several street dogs that he found while he was recording a movie.

Through a video published on his social networks, he announced that he is looking for a house for them, for which he invited his followers to adopt them. As he is well known to his fans that he is affectionate in taking care of dogs.

Derbez, who is also the producer of ‘No Se Refunds Accepted’, continues to show that in addition to being interested in standing out with his work in the film industry, He is also concerned about things that are happening in the country, for example, he recently revealed his opinion against the Mayan Train, which brought him into an argument with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself.

While, now it seems that he has become involved in promoting the adoption of pets, because in a video he announced that, during the filming of a new project in Mexicofound several dogs, including about 20 puppies, which were wandering the streets in the worst conditions, so together with his team he set out to rescue and sterilize them.

But it was his wife Alessandra Rosaldo who posted the clip on her Instagram account, where the protagonist of “CODA” revealed the case and showed some of the dogs, which look dirty and malnourished. In addition, he exhibited the little ones, who he assured were in the middle of the garbage of a vacant lot.

“I know you are on vacation, but please help me share this video. I am sure that together we can find them a home where they love them, ”the vocalist of ‘Sentidos Oppositos’ placed in the description of the video, and later filled her husband with compliments. “Thank you, my love, for this great and beautiful work that you do for them.”ALESSANDRA ROSALDO

Both artists asked their followers to spread the clip so that those who are interested in giving one of these dogs a home and others who have in the shelter contact the email where they will be receiving requests for information.

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