VIDEO: Adamari López reveals one of her best kept secrets to look taller

The host of “Today”, Adamari Lopez, has been ranked among the favorite presenters of Hispanic television. Such has been her fame that each statement or publication causes the spotlight to be on her.

And it is that the Puerto Rican has shown that she is a woman who reinvents herself all the time, but that without putting aside the difficulties, but facing them. How she does it through her social networks where she shows herself naturally, as she is and, above all, embracing her female body.

Adamari has no problem showing the flaccidity of her unfiltered belly with complete normality and the marks of pregnancy and subsequent weight loss. This has even been one of the gestures that many of his followers applauded and thanked. On the male side, there are also those who support these initiatives.

López was born knowing he would be short in stature. This has given him the nickname of “the little girl”. Her lack of height is not something that makes her waste time or sleep. She loves herself as she is. Plus, it’s clear that the best things come in small packages. However, she has her tricks to appear taller.

Although it is logical to think that heels are your best allies to look taller, that is not exactly the technique used by Adamari López. Through one of his reels, on Instagram, he revealed the perfect technique for any photo session.

“What one learns with the reels and with Pau!”, wrote Adamari López referring to Paula Galindo, her friend, who is an expert in beauty, lifestyle and empowerment who has more than 8 million followers on that social network. The Puerto Rican posed in a video with her friend and revealed how to look taller.

Adamari is uncomfortable in an interview

In the middle of last year, Adamari López announced her separation from Alaia’s father, her only daughter, Toni Costa, after ten years of love and with whom everything seemed to be in harmony. The reasons are not known for sure since neither gave more details, but the possibility of a third person in discord was inserted.

With several months away from their relationship, Adamari still has a hard time not being asked about his former relationship in the different interviews. And so it was in a note through a podcast with Jorge Pabón, ‘El Mollusco’ from Puerto Rico. There, the actress revealed that she does not have the best relationship with Costa.

Similarly, Adamari López assured that they do not discuss or settle their differences in front of the little girl. “We can disagree and fight, but not in front of Alaïa. She is not to blame for our breakup.”

In the podcast, the driver asked him about the most difficult moments he went through and Adamari López without hesitation stated that love breakups were one of the most painful experiences. Among this is the recent one with Toni Costa, as well as the oldest with the world-renowned Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, whom she divorced in 2010, after five years of marriage.

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