Venezuela rejects renewal of EU coercive measures | News

Venezuela rejected the decision of the European Union (EU) to renew unilateral coercive measures against the South American country, when in France, President Emmanuel Macron gave his approval to the negotiations between the Government of Caracas and the opposition.


Venezuelan government advances on the path of dialogue with opposition

“With this anachronistic decision, the intention is to insist on a completely erroneous strategy, with which the EU has not managed, in the last five years, to fulfill its objective of overthrowing the Bolivarian Government or separate our people from the political course enshrined in our Constitution” , said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The EU’s decision, published on the same day that President Emmanuel Macron publicly expressed his willingness to support the negotiations between the Government of Venezuela and a sector of the opposition, is incoherent and constitutes a slap in the face of the French initiative called Forum for peace.

The unilateral coercive measures illegally applied by the EU punish and massively violate the human rights of the Venezuelan people, he said.

The ministry explains that the indirect consequences (of these measures) end up limiting access to food, medicine, primary supplies, machinery, spare parts and equipment necessary to guarantee fundamental rights and ensure the normal development of our society.

Venezuela repudiates the insane policy of resorting to these tools of political blackmail, contrary to democratic and human rights principles, instituting a dangerous practice contrary to the principles of international law and peaceful coexistence between States.

In the letter, the Government emphasized that this erroneous decision intends to boycott any progress agreed at the Paris Forum for Peace, in which opposition actors and the Government would establish a new negotiating table, backed by French President Emmanuel Macron. .

The EU’s decision “is incoherent and constitutes a slap in the face of the initiative” of dialogue, the document refers.
The renewal of these measures occurs when in Paris, the leaders of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and of France, Emmanuel Macron, met with the leader of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, to promote dialogue with an opposition sector.

Regarding the V Paris Forum for Peace, Rodríguez highlighted the willingness of the leaders, as well as the Executive of Norway, which also participated in the meeting, where he stressed that in this forum “dialogue and negotiation in Venezuela have found three new friends”.