US Senate will call Mexican officials for consultation on violations of the TMEC in Energy


Fernando A. Mora Guillen*.

  • The US Senate will call Mexican officials for consultation on violations of the TMEC in Energy.
  • Armed groups increase their presence in Mexico.
  • Without initiatives, 7 of 16 grassroots deputies

The United States Senate yesterday approved a motion to instruct the Biden administration to call Mexican officials for consultations for violations of the United States, Mexico and Canada Treaty (TMEC) on energy matters.

The proposal must be approved by congressmen so that it can be integrated into the final version of the Bipartisan Innovation Act.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy said that in trade agreements it is important that everyone follows the agreed rules and emphasized: “Mexico is not following the TMEC”.

Congressmen and senators from the United States have expressed to the government of Joe Biden to ask our country to comply with the agreements signed in the trade agreement and little by little they have increased the pressure.

They believe that an energy policy has been created in Mexico that hinders the development of private investments in the energy sector, in order to support Petróleos Mexicanos and the Federal Electricity Commission.

They have argued how the Energy Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Energy have denied authorizations to operate oil product storage terminals and have canceled import permits.

The North Americans also consider that the modifications to the Law of the Electricity Industry violate the agreements established in the commercial treaty.

It is clear that there has been no change in Mexico’s energy policy, and US companies continue to face arbitrary treatment of the ten billion dollars invested in the sector, especially in renewable energy installations.

We will have to follow up on this issue, which damages the legal certainty that should prevail in a rule of law, affects the business climate, and investment prospects in our country. In addition, there are signed commitments that must be fulfilled with the United States and Canada, because otherwise there will be a very high cost in all senses for our nation, which requires all the financial support after the pandemic and the inflation that we Mexicans are experiencing. For now, Senator Ricardo Monreal expressed his concern to the US Senate about the intention to summon Mexico to consultations for violations of the T-MEC.

Take it as a bitter drink.- The international consultancy Crisis Group (ICG), stated that at least 543 armed groups were operating in Mexico at the end of 2020, a growth of almost 700 percent compared to 2009, due to the elimination of organized crime leaders.

Most were or are of a criminal nature, some self-defense, and a small portion of organizations with a more political bent, said a report by the US-based non-governmental organization.

According to his estimate, the number of criminal groups went from 76 in 2010 to 543 in 2020.

The ICG consulting firm highlighted that the US government has sponsored a strategy to capture or eliminate the main criminal leaders, but that policy has resulted in a multiplication of violence in Mexico.

Unfortunately it is our reality, there are currently at least 14 illegal armed groups that have shared power, political influence and territories among themselves. All of them take away our peace of mind and what is worse, the matter seems to have no end…

Take it carefully.- In the first year of this legislature, 16 deputies have jumped to another bench in San Lázaro, after disagreements with their parties or due to a strategy to strengthen their legislative alliances.

Of the deputies who have jumped into the “chapulineo”, seven have spent the first year placidly, without presenting a single initiative of their own, which contributes to solving a national problem or one of the region in which they were elected.

Unfortunately, this issue is not new, because despite everything, society, as in any democracy, elects its representatives, who spend a lot of resources on their campaigns and demagogically obtain victory, so that they are already positioned to change from one party to another for convenience. , they rest on their laurels, and they care little or nothing about the welfare of the citizens who elected them, and to obtain juicy profits for their own benefit with the position they hold. It is the never ending story.

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