US ‘Doomsday Plane’ Seen Conducting Training Mission After Putin Nuke Threat


The “doomsday plane” – a modified Boeing 747 called the Boeing E-4B – is part of a fleet of planes called the Nightwatch.

Photo: Yonhap/picture alliance / Deutsche Welle

The “doomsday plane” of the US Air Force, resistant to nuclear bombs, was seen this Monday (02.28.2022) flying over the state of Nebraska, United States, hours after Vladimir Putin increased the preparation of Russian nuclear forces, according to news reports.

During a brief four-hour sortie, the “doomsday plane” was accompanied by several early warning aircraft used to track ballistic missiles, the British news site reported. iNews.

Military flight tracking websites showed that the modified Boeing 747, with the callsign “GORDO15”, had taken off from a US Air Force base in Nebraska, according to the media.

Flight-tracking websites suggested early Tuesday that the same FAT15 plane was preparing for a second consecutive flight later.

Air control center in case of nuclear conflict

The “doomsday plane” – a modified Boeing 747 called the Boeing E-4B – is part of a fleet of planes called the Nightwatch that the US Army has maintained since the 1970s for the specific purpose of providing an air base, or flying warplanes, so that the US secretary of defense and high-ranking military personnel can conduct operations during a nuclear war.

Aircraft are theoretically capable of surviving a nuclear attack, in addition to the effects of the electromagnetic pulse. That’s because the $200 million plane is equipped with old-fashioned analog gear, rather than modern digital gear, reports Livescience.

In addition, the planes are capable of refueling in the air, only needing to descend to lubricate the engine once a week.

The Pentagon does not respond

Although the “doomsday plane” training flights coincide with escalating tensions with Russia, it is unclear whether Monday’s mission was a direct response to Putin’s order.

The same British media claims to have contacted the Pentagon and stated that they did not respond to their request to explain if there was a connection between the test flights with the announcement made last Sunday by the Russian president that he would put the “deterrent forces” of his country in a “special mode of combat duty”.

There is also no indication that US President Joe Biden was on the plane on Monday, which was accompanied by two Cobra Ball planes.

Edited by Felipe Espinosa Wang.

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