US approves a new military aid package for Ukraine | News


The US government on Friday approved a new military aid package for Ukraine worth at least $270 million.


The US announces the transfer of 361 million dollars to Ukraine

With this latest package, the military support sent by the US to kyiv since the start of the Russian military operation in eastern Ukraine Russian invasion amounts to 8.2 billion dollars.

White House spokesman John Kirby said the new shipment includes four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (Himars) and ammunition for these long-range projectiles.

Kirby stated that President Joe Biden has made it clear that he will continue to support the Government of Ukraine and its people for as long as necessary.

The new military aid will bring the number of Himars M142 systems sent to Ukraine to 20. kyiv estimates that the Himars have allowed it military successes against Russia.

The military package also includes anti-armor systems, 36,000 artillery rounds and 580 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones.

The US official indicated that his government maintains constant contact with Ukrainian officials to find out their needs and be as reactive as possible.

Much of the military aid comes from a $40 billion package for Ukraine approved by the US Congress last May.

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