United Kingdom notifies more than 140,000 new infections of Covid-19 | News


Health authorities in the United Kingdom notified this Sunday 141,472 new infections to Covid-19, a figure with which that nation exceeded 14.4 million positives to the disease caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus.


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This total of new infections totaled 1,217,097 infections in the last week, a statistic that represents an increase of 6.6 percent in that period of time, meaning 75,793 cases above what was evidenced in the previous seven days.

They add from the health entity that 97 people died from the virus, for a total of 150,154 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic; 1,295 of them in the last seven days, for an increase of 306 and 30.9 percent of the fatality compared to the previous week.

This institution also details that in the last 24 hours, 2,434 people have been hospitalized, which currently totals 18,454 admitted, of them 868 under the assisted breathing system.

The growing wave of infections has meant that in England, and according to data provided by its health service, more than 39,000 absences among hospital staff members were quantified, 59 percentage points more than in the previous week, especially because they were infected or because they are contacts of positive cases for the coronavirus, and the Omicron strain is much more infectious.

London (capital), and the large cities of the country exhibit the most complex epidemiological situation, before which the Government has deployed army troops in has caused the Army to have deployed some 200 Army personnel in that city, including 40 doctors to contribute to face the existing situation in the city’s hospitals.

The Ministry of Defense detailed in this regard in a statement that the rest of the military will undertake tasks related to the registration of income, distribution of supplies, and other issues.

For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Jhonson insists that “the way out of this pandemic is for everyone to get the booster dose or the first and second doses, if they haven’t already done so”, referring to a possible solution for the fourth wave of infections, without enacting new restrictions.

The Executive maintained the mandatory use of a mask and the teleworking modality as the main containment measures; as part of a nation that has 82.9 percent of its population over 12 years immunized; and a 61.7 that the reinforcement guideline has already been applied.

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