UN Secretary seeks to mediate conflict between Russia and Ukraine | News


At a time when Russia is seeking dialogue with Ukraine, the United Nations is seeking rapprochement between the leaders of both countries, while the Kremlin opened a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol when the ultimatum for kyiv forces to leave the gated city is about to expire.


President Putin says Russia seeks to restore peace in Donbas

The secretary general of the United Nations Organization (UN), António Guterres, asked the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky, to receive him respectively in Moscow and kyiv, said the representative of the head of the entity, Stefan Duzhzharik.

On April 19, the corresponding letters were delivered to the permanent representatives of Russia and Ukraine.

Dujjarik said that Guterres would like to discuss with the two presidents urgent measures to bring peace to Ukraine, as well as the future of multilateral relations.

On the other hand, Moscow and kyiv reached an agreement to open a humanitarian evacuation corridor from the besieged Mariupol, which will try to remove some 6,000 civilians, mainly women, children and the elderly, from the city in the south of the country.

The agreement comes as the ultimatum to Ukrainian troops in Mariupol to surrender expired on Wednesday with no signs of capitulation despite the siege by Russian troops.

Faced with this advance by the Russian Army, the Kremlin calls on Ukraine once again to look for viable options to reach a bilateral agreement, declared the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova.

“If the kyiv regime is committed to its publicly expressed and confirmed desire to negotiate, it should start looking for viable options to reach an agreement,” Zakharova told reporters.

According to the spokeswoman, the Ukrainian delegation is trying to delay the consultation process, “refusing to adopt a constructive approach on priority issues and to respond quickly to Russian proposals.”

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