Ukraine would withdraw from peace talks if Russia holds referendum in Kherson


Ukraine will withdraw from the peace talks if Russia to hold a “referendum” in Kherson and for Russian troops to finish off the defenders of the besieged city of Mariupolin the southeast of the country, declared the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“If they destroy our people in Mariupolif a pseudo-referendum is proclaimed in new pseudo-republics, Ukraine will withdraw from any negotiation process,” he said. Zelensky in a press conference, quoted by the agency united.

He pointed out that the Ukrainians who are still in the territories employed must be on notice, not help the occupants who show up at their homes and not provide them with any information.

He added that “this definitively prevents the end of the war through diplomatic channels”, it is “definitely a step wrong by Russia” and “shows that everything that has happened up to this moment, all these sessions of the diplomatic groups, are a fiction and a political theater with very bad actors”.

The Russian occupiers intend to hold a “referendum” on the creation of a pro-Russian “Kherson People’s Republic”, initially planned between May 1 and 10, but later the date was changed and could even be advanced to next Wednesday, April 27.

About 40 percent of Kherson residents have already abandoned the city.


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