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Zelensky promises that his country will resist and defeat Russia

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has assured that his country will overcome all difficulties and sacrifices resulting from Russia’s invasion and attacks and win the war. “We can run out of money, without fuel, without water or electricity, but not without freedom,” he said in a speech to commemorate the Day of Dignity and Freedom that is celebrated in Ukraine in memory of the 2014 Maidan revolution. .

In the video, Zelensky has praised the contribution that the entire population is making to keep the country afloat despite Russian aggression, from soldiers to firefighters, including teachers who teach online, to residents of towns who cook for the soldiers, the tailors who sew their uniforms or the peasants who till their land despite the risks. He has also praised his resilience in the face of missile strikes, the large-scale destruction caused by Russian attacks, water shortages, or power outages as winter approaches.

“We can run out of money, without fuel, without hot water, without electricity, but not without freedom,” said the president in an intervention from the presidential palace in kyiv.

The day of Dignity and Freedom remembers the pro-European protests unleashed between 2013 and 2014, known as the Maidan (Dignity) revolution and the Orange Revolution of 2004. Both revolts ended with the fall of the existing government at that time.

To mark his country’s capacity for resistance, Zelenski’s video included images of the speech he gave the same day last year, in which he wore a suit and tie, as opposed to the already usual shirt and military attire that he has been wearing since the invasion. “What has changed from a year ago? A lot”, he said. “Craters have appeared on our land, there are concrete blocks and anti-tank hedgehogs in our cities and towns, our streets may be dark, our homes may be cold,” he listed. “There are many changes, but [los rusos] they have failed to change the most important thing. Because the most important thing is not on the outside, but on the inside, and that remains unchanged. That is why we will resist, we will endure ”, she has promised.

He has said that in the future, Ukrainians will meet in kyiv’s Independence Square, the scene of the aforementioned revolutions, “where we will celebrate Victory Day of Ukraine. In a peaceful kyiv, in a peaceful Ukraine”. (Reuters)