Ukraine attacks border post with Russia | News


Russia reported this Friday of at least two attacks with bikers against a border post near Ukraine, according to statements by the region’s governor, Roman Starovoit, who added that, however, the Ukrainian bombing did not cause fatalities.


Russia destroys military factory facility in kyiv, Ukraine

In the middle of the month, Russia accused Ukraine of having carried out at least six air strikes against residential buildings in the village of Klímovo, in the Briansk region, causing at least eight injuries of varying severity.

This morning Moscow also denounced an attack by Ukraine with mortar fire against a border crossing located in the Kursk region, in the southwest of the country, without causing casualties or destruction.

Also, according to the Russian version, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a massive attack using Tochka-U ballistic missiles and multiple rocket launchers on residential areas in the central part of Kherson.

The missile attack, described as indiscriminate by the Russian Army, was launched by the Ukrainians and would have targeted kindergartens, schools and various social facilities in residential areas.

According to local authorities, Russian border guards responded to the attack and destroyed the positions from which the shelling was launched.

In the last 24 hours, according to Moscow, 19,442 people, including 4,468 children, have been evacuated from dangerous areas.

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