Two other crew members of the Emtrasur plane arrive in Venezuela | News

Two more members of the crew of the plane from the Aerocargo del Sur Transport Company (Emtrasur) arrived in Venezuela this Friday, after they were authorized to leave Argentina, where they had been since last June.


Two other crew members of the Emtrasur plane are authorized to leave Argentina

Venezuelan José García Contreras and Iranian Mohammad Khosraviaragh arrived at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state (central-north), joining the first group of 12 crew members who returned to the country.

The decision was ratified by Judge Federico Villena, of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court of Lomas de Zamora 1, which clarifies that the two crew members are “absolved of all guilt, declared innocent” and “dismissed in the legal cases that were opened” .

Upon arrival at the airport, Garcia recalled that “five are staying there (in Argentina) plus a Venezuelan heritage, the plane.”

For his part, the president of Emtrasur, César Pérez, asserted that “this return represents a joy, although the real celebration will come when the rest of the crew and their aircraft are released.”

The Embassy of Venezuela in Argentina expressed on September 28, through its account on the social network Twitter, that there are already 14 crew members of the Emtrasur plane acquitted of all guilt, dismissed in the legal cases that were opened.

In addition, he emphasized that five crew members are still unjustly detained, “who are innocent and will soon return to their countries.”

Since last June, the Venezuelan Emtrasur plane has been held in Argentina despite the fact that nothing of illegal origin has been found during the inspections.

The Venezuelan government has repeatedly demanded the return of the entire crew and the return of the cargo plane.