Turn to the left in Colombia with Gustavo Petro’s victory and more | Headlines of the world 06/20/2022


This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Monday, June 20:

Colombia elects leftist leader

Petro, a former rebel, promises great economic changes

Federal Reserve hike ends era of cheap money

Reverse 40 years of falling rates

Historical victory of the PP in Andalusia

Juan Manuel Moreno sweeps and achieves the first absolute majority of his party in the region

Guardian / UK

Anger that ministers refuse to join latest effort to stop rail strike

Millions face week of canceled services as union leaders warn strike could spread

With 11.2 million votes, Gustavo Petro won the presidency for the first time for the left in Colombia

Turn in Colombia: Petro won and for the first time the left will govern in the country

The ex-guerrilla won with 50.4% in the ballot over Hernández, who admitted defeat

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