Trump mocks Biden for the place he was given at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II


The Bidens occupied row 14 at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images

donald trump took advantage of President Joe Biden’s appearance at the funeral of queen elizabeth ii to mock the fact that the US president was sitting 14 rows back, indicating that if he had been governing, he would have been moved closer to the front.

Through his Truth Social network, the tycoon pointed out that this situation with Biden’s seat shows that there is no longer “respect” for the United Statesadding that it was a good time for Biden to meet “leaders from certain Third World countries.”

“This is what happened to America in just two short years. Without respect! Nevertheless, a good time for our president to meet the leaders of certain countries of the Third World,” Trump said.

“If I were president, they wouldn’t have sat me there, And our country would be very different from what it is now!” he added to fuel the controversy.

In Westminster Abbey, Biden was sitting behind Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, and directly in front of Petr Fiala, the prime minister of the Czech Republic.

According to established protocols, the leaders of the Commonwealth surpass those of the rest of the world, so it was possible to see Biden sitting nine rows behind his Canadian counterpartJustin Trudeau at the funeral.

Daily Mail details that the guests were seated to the left, to the right and in front of the platform that held the queen’s coffin. While the first rows were occupied by King Charles and members of the royal family.

The Bidens arrived at the state funeral in “The Beast,” their presidential car, in a private motorcade, while other world leaders traveled together on buses.

US security protocols for the president are strict and they require you to travel in said car with security vehicles surrounding it.

The president returned to the United States on Air Force One immediately after the ceremony, before the burial of Queen Elizabeth II.

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