Trump insists that “mass fraud” in elections threatens the Constitution of the United States

Former US President Donald Trump called for the US Constitution to be done away with and insisted on the accusations that there was electoral fraud in the 2020 elections.

Trump made these statements on Saturday night on the Truth Social platform, a social network promoted by himself, in response to Twitter posting internal company emails showing why the company decided to restrict a story about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Trump wrote in his platform that “the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee” they relied on the big technological platforms to carry out a fraud in the elections.

“A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows the end of all rules, regulations and articles, even those of the Constitution,” the Republican wrote in his Truth account.

The White House condemned Trump’s statements and defended the country’s Constitution.

“You can’t love America only when you win. The Constitution is a sacrosanct document that for more than 200 years has guaranteed that freedom and the rule of law are maintained in our great country,” a spokesman said on Saturday, according to US media reports on Sunday.

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