Trump believes he will be arrested on Tuesday and urges

Trump believes he will be arrested on Tuesday and urges citizens to protest

Donald Trump has made history for several not very encouraging reasons with his time in the White House. He was the first president to face two ‘impechments’ or political processes during his term. He was also the first to openly incite the insurgency and the seizure of the Capitol to perpetuate himself in power. And now, in addition, it seems imminent that he will be the first former president to be prosecuted for a criminal case.

This is how he himself spread it this Saturday when on his social network he called for the mobilization of his bases. He predicted that he will be arrested Tuesday in the bribery case of porn star Stormy Daniels, who he allegedly paid $130,000 before the 2016 election to keep her mouth shut. He even made her sign a document that she would be punished if he explained anything about that encounter.

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels arrives for the opening of the Venus adult entertainment fair in Berlin on March 15.


Experts consider it almost certain that the impeachment of Trump by the Manhattan attorney general, the Democrat Alvin Bragg, is something imminent and that it will happen in the next few days. But the former president has already set a date in a message on his Truth Social network.

“The proven leader by far among the Republican candidates and former president of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of next week,” he said. “Protest, take back our nation,” he pleaded.

In fact, Kevin McCarthy, president of the Lower House, hastened to resort to his Twitter, despite the fact that he knows nothing about the matter, which takes him very far and of which Bragg has not confirmed any information about the imputation or not. , no date. “Here we go again with an outrageous abuse of power by a district attorney who allows violent criminals to walk free while he pursues political vendetta,” he wrote.

“I have directed a relevant House committee to investigate whether federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with a politically motivated charge,” he added. His words caused consternation because McCarthy has never condemned the capitol robbery on June 6, 2021, considered the worst attack on democracy in this country after the civil war.

Democratic legislator Maxine Waters recalled the separation of powers and stressed that the former president’s post “attempts to organize an action of domestic terrorism”

Trump attributed his message to an “interested” leak in a case that he defined as having a high political scope coming from “a corrupt Manhattan prosecutor” who he said, following the conspiracies of the extreme right, was financed by George Soros, one of the evil for trumpism.

According to his post, this decision is made “without any proven crime and by a completely discredited fairy tale (by numerous other prosecutors),” he indicated, although he did not specify which ones. In 2019, an investigation was closed without charges that Bragg later resumed.

A Trump spokesman later qualified in a statement that there is no notification that the prosecution “has decided to take this witch hunt to the next level” and that the former president is fully confident in his innocence in the face of “the instrumentalization of the judicial system.” He announced that Trump will be in Texas next weekend “for a giant rally.” And he added that, if there was an accusation, they would negotiate a “delivery”. However, Trump got one of the usual accomplishments from him. As he did in the White House, he immediately changed the news landscape.


Stormy Daniels appeared again this week and in her testimony would have confirmed the charge for the bribe

Although there has been talk of its imminence, the grand jury that is receiving the evidence hopes to take a statement from a new witness. The matter revealed in 2016 by The Wall Street Journalit has already cost Michael Cohen’s career, a lawyer, a trusted man and a “supporter” of Trump at that time.

Cohen, in charge of making the payment to the actress, was sentenced to three years in prison and served time in prison. Since then he has become a staunch enemy of his former boss and his statement is one of the main evidence of the charge. Stormy Daniels appeared again this week and in her testimony would have confirmed the charge for the bribe and that she had a sexual relationship with Trump in a California hotel. The former president has always denied it.

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In The New York Times It was stated that the former president, who already faced a criminal investigation in the 1970s (it ended in an out-of-court agreement), is very agitated and anxious. They say that he was horrified to see on television how Allen Weissselberg, his financial right hand in the business of the family business, was arrested, an affair that ended in sentence for him and for the (civilian) company.

The truth is that several reports appeared on Friday indicating that the local, state and federal security forces were preparing for possible altercations due to this possible accusation. It is feared that there will be riots not only in New York, where the anti-Trumps are in the majority, but also in other places where the former president’s bases predominate. No one can underestimate the threat in the memory of the assault on the Capitol.

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Pro-Trump sectors assure that this accusation will only strengthen the leadership of his candidacy, because it will have a unifying effect. They say even critics will side with him, as happened when the FBI executed a search warrant at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida mansion to recover secret documents he had taken from the White House.

The judicial problems for Trump seem to be coming to a head. In addition to the matter of the alleged bribery of Daniels and the cause of the documents, investigations are advancing in Georgia and Washington for his alleged attempt to manipulate the election result of November 2020 and for his role in the insurgency of January 6, 2021 , respectively.