Tragic school bus crash in South Carolina


A school bus crashed into a store in South Carolina on Tuesday, hitting a student outside and sending seven people to the hospital, authorities said.

The front of the school bus was inside the brick building in North Charleston up to the windshield and the rear emergency door of the bus was open in television footage of the scene.

The driver, four students on board the bus and two other students were sent to the hospital. All of the injuries appeared to be minor, North Charleston police spokesman Harv Jacobs told the media.

The bus was transporting eight elementary students to North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School when it spun out of control while turning and crashed into the Neighborhood Store around 7:45 a.m. Tuesday, authorities said.

The store, which was closed at the time, serves as a bus stop for high school students. A student waiting for the bus was struck and another was struck by a tree branch, Jacobs said.

Authorities initially said a third student outside the bus was injured, but said the report was wrong.

Police investigate the accident

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