Todays Chinese horoscope November 21 predictions for each sign

Today’s Chinese horoscope November 21: predictions for each sign

The week begins with the double energy of the tiger and this will favor balance in relationships of any kind, as well as the procedures that begin today, especially if they are presented before entities or people who are in a dominant position.

The Chinese horoscope is composed of 12 animal signs Y To find out which one corresponds to you, just check your year of birth. The eastern zodiac is made up of 12-year cycles, each one is governed by a sign, 2022 corresponds to the year of the Tiger, so its energy will impact the rest of the members of the horoscope.

Something very important that you should also take into account when looking for your ruling animal is the beginning of the Chinese year, since, according to astrological precepts, this happens on February 4. Therefore, if you were born before that day, your zodiac sign will be that of the previous year. Thus, someone whose date of birth is January 24, 1956, will have the goat as the ruling animal, because for that day, the year of the monkey had not yet begun.

Rat (1936 – 1948 – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008 – 2020)

The star of romance, who has been so absent in the life of the rats this year, will accompany them today. Those who are single will have many opportunities to meet someone special and finally leave behind so many months of loneliness. So don’t stay at home, go out and let out all the light that you carry inside.

Ox (1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009 – 2021)

Some health problems could torment the good this day. They are annoyances that you have wanted to ignore, naively thinking that this would solve them. However, today the symptoms will be exacerbated and make the buffalo worry. If they go to the doctor promptly, they can solve the situation easily and quickly.

Tiger (1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010 – 2022)

The tiger as ruler of the day can take advantage of all this energy to tip the scales in his favor. Submit any pending requests, especially if they have to do with government procedures, bank loans or requests to your superiors. In the afternoon they could receive a big surprise.

Rabbit (1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011)

In their work or study, rabbits will have many challenges to overcome. However, if they act calmly and in order, they will be able to comply with all of them and in the best possible way. Organizing work groups and directing them with kindness, making everyone feel equal will allow them to achieve the objectives more easily. Do not forget that today is a day in which the balance must be as balanced as possible, therefore pride will be punished.

Dragon (1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012)

The tiger suggests to the dragon that they get very good advice before making any investment or participating in a business. It may happen that those governed by this mythical animal consider that they have analyzed all the options and see this as a great opportunity, however, it is important that an impartial third party supports them. Listen and put into practice the advice they give you, if this is not the right time, much better ones will come.

Snake (1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013)

Those ruled by the snake must not forget that this is a day to act with impartiality and equity. Whatever injustice you commit today, the universe will return it to you, and perhaps, multiplied. So do not act lightly, analyze the situation before making a decision. Light a purple candle and ask the universe for wisdom.

Horse (1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014)

The horses could start the week on the right foot. The condition that the tiger puts on them is that they be disciplined and very punctual. Keep in mind all the commitments of the day and fulfill them fully. If you do this, you will be able to reap the rewards very soon. On the contrary, if they forget something, the consequences could be very delicate.

Goat (1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015)

Those who were born in the years of the goat can also be favored with the energy of the day. Start working to materialize plans that you have in mind. Make calls, send emails, knock on doors… very surely you will achieve your goal. The goats of 2003 might fall head over heels this day.

Monkey (1944 – 1956 – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016)

Two tigers stalking the monkey will cause his day to be complicated in every way. The best the monkey-ruled can do is stick to the routine of the day and keep a low profile. Fulfill your obligations, but don’t go beyond that. It is also important that you stay away from places and people with a low energy vibration.

Rooster (1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017)

Impulsiveness can be very expensive for the rooster this day. This is not the time to act without first analyzing the situation and the possible consequences of the decision they make. If they are not controlled, they could cause the end of important relationships, even the one with your partner. Please drive safely and avoid being distracted by your cell phone.

Dog (1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018)

The dog’s discipline today will allow him to reap the fruits of what he has sown. From a diet to dedication in your studies or work will show positive results. But it is important that they do not “sleep on the laurels”, continue working hard because all the compensation has not yet arrived. Of course, beware of envious people who will want to make your day bitter with negative comments.

Pig (1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019)

Those who are ruled by the pig better not stick to any plan today. The energy that accompanies you today will cause last minute and unforeseen changes, and if you decide to fight against the current it will be worse. So take the day easy and flow with the events as they unfold. They could have an unexpected meeting that will make them think about many things.