Three injured by police shooting at a demonstration against the extreme right in Sweden

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Three people were shot wounded in violent clashes on Sunday in Norrköping, Sweden, southwest of Stockholm, between police and demonstrators protesting against a far-right group that prides itself on burning the Koran, Swedish police said.

"Police fired several warning shots. Three people appear to have been hit by ricochets and are currently being treated in hospital," police wrote in a statement.

The condition of the injured, who are under arrest, is unknown.

The three injured, whose condition is unknown, are also "under arrest, suspected of having committed a crime," it is specified. This is the second such clash in four days in Norrköping.

Image of the demonstration

Stefan Jerrenvang / Efe

The first time, the demonstrators had protested against a demonstration of the anti-immigration and anti-Islam movement "Hard Line", led by the Danish-Swedish Rasmus Paludan. In fact, demonstrations have taken place in various parts of the country.

Riots in Sweden

The call of the far-right party "Stram Kurs" to concentrate in the Swedish city of Malmö for a supposedly symbolic "burning of the Koran" led to riots between supporters of the group and counter-demonstrators on Saturday night, the television of that Nordic country reported on Sunday. SVT.

A bus was set on fire and other vehicles were damaged at the point where the concentration, which had been previously authorized, was to be held. The bus passengers had to be evacuated from the scene, while the police forces were attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails being thrown.

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Saturday's rally of "Stram Kurs" (Firm Course), a group led by renowned Danish-Swedish far-right Rasmus Paludan, is the third in three consecutive nights to generate similar riots in different parts of Sweden.

Similar incidents already occurred on Friday in the city of Örebro, in the south of the country, while similar situations were recorded in the capital, Stockholm, on Saturday.

Iran summons Swedish ambassador

The Iranian government summoned Sweden's acting ambassador to Tehran on Sunday to condemn the call by a far-right party to hold a "burning of the Koran." "The offensive action was carried out under the pretext of freedom of expression with the support of the Swedish police”, affirmed the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the official media of the Persian country.

The Iranian government indicated that these actions against the Koran are "an insult to more than 2,000 million Muslims around the world" and represent "an abuse of freedom of expression." During the meeting, the Iranian authorities asked the acting ambassador to take measures to stop these incidents.

"Curso Firme" is a fringe xenophobic and Islamophobic party, which operates in both Denmark and Sweden and which seeks the prohibition of Islam and the expulsion of non-European immigrants.

Its leader, who has dual nationality, has acquired a certain notoriety as a result of the dissemination of provocative and openly xenophobic videos on social networks, which have stirred up successive electoral campaigns in those Nordic countries.

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