This Swedish sedan is still in force


The Volvo S60 receives a series of improvements and slight changes in its aesthetics as well as a revised mechanics after four years.

Made in the United States, more precisely in Charleston, South Carolina, the Volvo S60 shows us a series of changes to stay current.

Its propulsion system is maintained with conventional engines, but in some cases it includes 48-volt MHEV technology, as well as the Recharge (plug-in hybrid) options of 350 and 455 hp. In addition, the 2.0-liter turbocharged power plants of 163 and 197 horsepower are constituted.

The transmission is now a seven-position dual-clutch automatic, replacing the eight-speed gearbox.

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Its multimedia system is called Sensus Connect by Volvo, which includes a 9-inch touch screen in portrait orientation. This is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also offers GPS navigation and access to different vehicle settings.

While in terms of safety and driving assistance, the Volvo S60 offers City Safety assistants with automatic braking or collision avoidance. In turn, the Pilot Assist serves to control the speed and direction up to 130 km / h.

The aesthetics remain almost unchanged except for the bumpers. There the air intakes at the ends have been revised along with the arrival of a black grille that gives it a sportier look.

On the zafa the exhaust ends have been modified depending on the level of finish that can be in chrome or black.

The Volvo S60 it is updated with some subtle touches.

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