This is what William Levy looked like when he debuted in soap operas more than a decade ago


William Levy is one of the most acclaimed gallants on television, because He has participated in dozens of stories that have catapulted him to successnot only for his talent, but for his enviable physique, a quality that has accompanied him since his debut in this genre.

The protagonist of melodramas such as “Sortilegio” and “Café con Aroma de Mujer” he was 26 years old when he debuted as a soap opera actor; this after participating in the reality show of Telemundo, “Protagonistas de novela”, in Miami in 2002.

In said program, the participants sought to make their way in the artistic medium, among them his now ex-partner Elizabeth Gutiérrez. And, although at that time he was not the winner, the truth is that his charisma captivated the public and led him to get his first role a few years later.

It was about a secondary role in the American teledrama “Forget you never” (2006), named ‘Germán Torres’who was one of the employees of the ranch of the protagonist, Diego Ibarra (played by Gabriel Porras).

Despite not being the main character, William Levy he stole the hearts of the public for being a heartthrob. The famous used this in his favor to show that he had acting skills, dedication and professionalism to spare.

As a result of his surrender, it didn’t take long for the actor to catch up. his first leading role in Beware of the Angel (2008)a Televisa production, alongside the star of RBD, Maite Perroni.

Since then, William Levy’s career has only been on the rise, as he starred in at least a dozen melodramas before moving away from the television genre for a time, to pursue a career in Hollywood.

It was this year that the famous novels as the protagonist of the latest version of Café con aroma de mujerwhich came to Netflix to break records and become one of the most viewed on the platform.

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