This is the little-known house that Capulina bought from the famous boxer Muhammad Ali

Gaspar Henainebetter known as Capulina and who died in 2011, is considered one of the most successful Mexican comedians of his time, which led him to great recognition, which continues to this day.

During his acting career, the King of White Humor, as he was also known, accumulated a large number of properties, such as the one in Mexico City that we are showing you right here, but he also had many others in the city of Cuernavaca, where he used to travel. to rest or to recover from an operation.

Among those properties is the one he acquired from the great Muhammad Ali, a boxing legend, and he did it at a price well below what the Kentucky-born originally intended.

According to the testimony of Antonio Henaine, one of Capulina’s children, the residence, located on a corner and in front of a convenience store, was never inhabited by Muhammad Ali, who was tremendously disappointed because he wanted to invest in an area similar to Acapulco, but he was tremendously disappointed when he realized that the city of Cuernavaca was nothing like the place of his dreams.

“This house was built by Muhammad Ali. He sent his people to build it, but when he comes to live in Cuernavaca, he realizes that it was not like Acapulco, which is what he imagined, so he decides not to keep the house anymore, he decides to sell it and that is when my father acquires it”, narrated Antonio Henaine in a tour he made around the exterior of the beautiful property.

That disappointment, among other factors, caused the renowned boxing legend to accept from Capulina an infinitely lower figure than the one he originally intended for his home.

“They offered it to us in a quantity, but the cost was very high. So my dad says to the broker: ‘I offer’ and tells him half. So my mom says: ‘The way the house is, I’ll offer half’ of what my dad used to say. In other words, we were talking about a quarter of the cost of the house”.

Although the salesman initially laughed at the offer, the Henaines convinced him to bring that amount to Muhammed Ali, who, surprisingly, agreed to sell them at that price.

“Okay, we’ll sell it to you,” the man born as Cassius Marcellus Clay.

Already with the house in his possession, Capulina injected him with a significant sum of money, since it was in white work, so it was not even close to being habitable, even, his pool was totally disabled, but once it was finished it was one of his and his family’s favorite places.

“We were happy here for a long time. We had wonderful Christmas, birthdays. Here we had to go through the 1985 earthquake and, to be honest, it was very ugly, but the house was very well built and it is still here,” the son of Viruta’s inseparable companion proudly narrated.

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