This is Belinda’s millionaire mansion that would have caused her breakup with Christian Nodal

The end of the relationship Belinda Y Christian Nodal has given much to talk about and will continue to do so, as details of the reasons why they would have decided to end their engagement.

Although neither theory is proven, in the program ‘Gossip not Like’led by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, insist that the break was caused by the mansion that the Spanish interpreter has in Beverly Grove, California.

Turns out, according to the show schedule, Beli would have asked the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” about $4 million dollars to settle his alleged debts with the SAT (Hacienda)but in reality that money would go to liquidate the property he bought during his courtship with Lupillo Riverawhich would have unleashed the fury of the Sonoran musician, because it would not have seemed to him that he was lying.

According to Elisa Beristain, the amount requested by the interpreter of ‘Boba Niña Nice’ would serve to liquidate the luxurious property and thus forget about the extremely high interest paid in the country for a mortgage loan.

When you are a foreigner you can come, buy a house, pay the 20% down payment and pay everything else in installments, but with very high interest and there is no problem, nothing more than if you do not pay, in three months they take it away from you Elise narrated.

The presenter was supported by Javier Ceriani, who explained that the residence is in the name of a company, which is used by many millionaires to evade taxes or hide.

“Sometimes, in the case of Belinda, it is bought with a company that does not have her name. Many times this is used to hide and evade taxes. I think that here we have to do an investigation of where the money goes, because how Belinda gets money, taking it from men, we have verified. She has to justify where the money comes from,” Ceriani said.

In addition to talking about the famous house in California, ‘El Güero Cabaretero’ also threw a dart about the property that the actress also owns in Mexico, which would have been bought with the support of a politician.

“Apparently and allegedly, Belinda’s house in Mexico would have been paid for by a famous politician from Morelos. He bled him dry”, pointed out the Argentine journalist.

Although they did not disclose the name of the politician, some Morelos media suggest that it would be JJorge Arguelles Victorerowith whom he dealt, in 2017, when he was a candidate for deputy.

How is the house that would have caused the breakup of Belinda and Christian Nodal?

The house that would have been acquired by Belinda, in March 2019 and whose value is $4,250,000is spread over two floors and is located very close to Melrose Avenue and Robertson Drive, arteries known for having exclusive boutiques with the latest fashions.

The house has an extension of 4,855 square feet and stands out for its light tones, since both the exterior façade and the interior walls are white.

The mansion is made up of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an open kitchen, a dining room for six people, a living room, a hall and parking for three vehicles.

The bedrooms have balconies with views of various corners of the property, in addition to large windows, so natural lighting is never lacking.

It also has a swimming pool in the back garden to cool off in the intense heat of spring and summer.

In addition to the two housing floors, the interpreter of ‘In the Dark’ wanted to get the most out of her roof garden, so she conditioned it with a jacuzzi and a room placed on artificial grass.

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