They reveal the trigger that started the row between ‘Pollo’ Briseño and César Huerta


“El Pollo” Briseño got all the hate from the red and black fans.

Photo: Xavier Hernandez / Imago7

The end of the match between Toluca and Chivas left a very tense moment between the players of the ‘Sacred Flock’ because after the referee sentenced the culmination of the commitment, the ‘Pollo’ Briseño and César Huerta staged a fight that had to be separated by their own teammates and media indicate that the reason for the conflict was due to the equalizing goal.

And it is that according to Erick López, a TUDN reporter, the brawl began when Alexis Vega was fouled at the end of the matchmoments before Toluca’s draw.

Apparently Briseño had asked Vega to do a little more timeas well as asking other teammates to move the ball away from the area, but in the end this did not happen and Toluca was able to equalize in the final minutes of the match with a goal from Leonardo Fernández.

after the goal, Briseño turned his eyes to the bench and began to claim everyone for the carelessness when he allowed the goal and in the face of criticism from ‘Pollo’, Huerta came out in defense of his teammates and asked the defender to stop the claims.

Instead of getting Briseño to stop, he got even more upset, heating up tempers and detonating the brawl between the two players that had to be stopped by the rojiblanco teammates themselves so that it didn’t escalate.

Even though they were separated the confrontation continued in the dressing rooms where there was an exchange of words, however, in the end, they were able to put aside their differences and the conflict ended in healthy peace and in the training session this Sunday everything went smoothly.

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