They reveal a plan to assassinate the son of the Argentine vice president | News


Argentine authorities revealed on Monday that Gabriel Carrizo, the fourth arrested for the failed assassination attempt against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, had plans to assassinate Máximo Kirchner, son of the country’s current vice president.


Argentine Vice President appears for the first time after attack

“We are thinking of killing the boss of La Cámpora this time,” reads a text message extracted from Carrizo’s cell phone and sent two hours after Fernando Sabag Montiel fired a firearm against the former Argentine president (2007-2015 ), on September 1, revealed local media.

La Cámpora is the political organization headed by Máximo Kirchner, son of Cristina Fernández and the late former president Néstor Kircher (2003-2007).

“Everyone is arriving. We are going to have a group meeting,” Carrizo added in the message sent to a person identified in his contacts as “Jony White.”

Last Friday, federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rivolo questioned Carrizo, who limited himself to answering questions from his lawyer, although he denied having participated in the planning of the attack against the vice president.

Likewise, the investigations indicate that the detainee revealed to a relative that he provided a 22-caliber pistol to Sabag Montiel, a point that the investigator said was “a joke.”

In addition to Carrizo and Sabag Montiel, Brenda Uliarte, a partner of the alleged perpetrator of the failed attack, and Agustina Díaz, a friend of Uliarte, who would have reproached her for the fact that the plan had gone wrong, are detained for their alleged responsibility in the event.

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