They report on a missing person and damage after rains in Cusco, Peru | News


The National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) of Peru reported the disappearance of a person and the damage to homes, bridges and streets, after the heavy rains in Cusco early this Friday, which also caused the Alcamayo River to overflow. .


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“So far, there is one person injured and another missing, a house destroyed and four affected, in addition to damage of various types in three commercial premises, four bridges and the railway,” the entity remarked while local media confirm that five citizens remain unaccounted for.

β€œThis morning, as a result of the intense rains, the Alcamayo ravine was activated, affecting communication routes and homes in the Machu Picchu district, Urubamba province in Cusco,” the Peruvian agency indicated, in addition to identifying a mudslide (huge mass of mud and rocks that torrential rains release from the heights of the Andes), which put the territory on alert.

The landslide crossed the town, affected the railway and finally reached the Vilcanota River, said the authorities, who also added that the train cars were not damaged.

Similarly, the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) stressed in a press release that after the rainfall caused emergencies in the Machu Picchu district, Urubamba province (Cusco), the authorities are evaluating the safety conditions on the bridges collapsed, to transport tourists and the local population via rail to Ollantaytambo.

Indeci “monitors the evolution of this emergency 24 hours a day and urges local authorities to keep their regional and local emergency operations centers on permanent alert,” the institution said.

For its part, the Sectoral Emergency Operations Center (COES) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines reported that Electro Sur Este has streamlined its contingency plan and technicians are in the area to replenish the electricity service.

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