They reject the criminalization of popular protests in Ecuador | News


The Ecuadorian Citizen Revolution movement rejected this Thursday the statements of the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, and accused him of trying to criminalize the demonstrators of the national strike to subtract legitimacy from that anti-neoliberal protest.


Protests continue in Ecuador with tribute to victims of police repression

Through a statement, the political organization pointed out that Carrillo’s accusations are unfounded and irresponsible, and seek to blame the movement for alleged “terrorist acts.”

In this sense, RevoluciĆ³n Ciudadana urged the authorities to stop “inventing alleged responsibility for their political incapacity” while calling on President Guillermo Lasso to show “political maturity” and listen to the demands of the protesters.

The political movement demanded that the repression cease and urged the search for “legitimate interlocutors” to build a “true bridge of dialogue” in pursuit of democracy in the South American country.

At the same time, he demanded that the Government meet the needs of the majority, called for early elections and told the Chief Executive that these are “won with votes and not with bullets.”

Assemblywoman Paola Cabezas Castillo, from RevoluciĆ³n Ciudadana, asked Carrillo to name the alleged terrorists, and stated that if the official cannot prove his accusations, then “we have the power to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office for hate crimes.”

The president of the Citizen Revolution, Marcela AguiƱaga, joined in rejecting Carrillo’s claims, telling him: “Terrorist is accusing us to cover up their incapacity and the violence with which they act.”

In the last few hours, human rights organizations have denounced that after ten days of national strike in Ecuador, three deaths have been reported, one mutilated, six people with eye damage and 62 injured.

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