They reject coup attempts promoted from the Congress in Peru | News

Peruvian social organizations mobilized this Thursday against the coup attempts promoted by Congress, in addition to demanding reforms from the Government that improve the quality of life of the majority.


Peruvian Prime Minister denounces congressional dictatorship

Collectives, associations and citizens took to the streets of various cities in the country in order to express their rejection of the presidential vacancy attempts promoted by opposition sectors in Congress.

Citizens also called for a constituent assembly to develop a new Magna Carta, and respect for democracy.

The days of protests also ratified the support for President Pedro Castillo, who has saved several impeachment attempts by opposition legislators, while raising a series of demands to deal with rising prices in the country.

The main concentration took place in the Plaza San Martín, in the capital Lima, where the social organizations that supported the management of President Castillo gathered.

The mobilization happens after the Prime Minister of Peru, Aníbal Torres, requested last Tuesday to participate in the plenary session of the legislature, “in order to raise a question of trust.”

Given this, the president of the Legislative power, José Williams, rejected that request made by the head of the Council of Ministers, considering that what he intends is to close Congress.

This Thursday, in the Legislative power, the subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations was convened to promote a debate on the possible disqualification of the president for the alleged crime of treason, deepening the political crisis in the South American country.